we are different…   [POEM]

we are different
for the same reasons
because we won’t stop thinking
because time is going so fast
and we don’t want to miss out
on having regrets
of not waiting
when we could have
but for the knowing
of what we could have
is why we had to
so we did
instead of talking about it
we just went along
and danced still
while the music was in the middle
and we danced around it
because we liked
or because we wanted
and of the way it sounded…

we are different
alike other things
amongst many reasons yet
and here we are arguing,
about some silly threat
to leave
or to not change
like no one before had this argument,
like we don’t know what started it
like it was ever going to end
like love won’t last forever
like we haven’t been
all this time, perfect
and unknown…

we are different
than the we’s that we had before us
than the times that preceded now
than the moments felt previous
to how feeling feels with this
than the forevers we prayed would end
than the what ifs that we miss,
not for wanting
but for the sake of being wanted
and having been able to tell
a difference
those, and these
then, and now…

we are different
for good reason
a perfect way to be
and the only way
so that we love to change.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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