Far too Comfortable… [POEM]

Most churches
are non-prophet
not worth it
I pray that God stop it
because that is not it
that is not who God is
and they don’t believe God
they believe in talking
telling great stories
requires an audience
so no walking
sit still
and hold on,
God is coming
no option,
don’t believe other than this
and start watching…
from the pew,

Religion kills more souls
than does war
and what for
because of power and control
because of the want
to be comfortable
instead of natural
because acting like
gets more action
than action does
act or do
don’t just act because
actors do
applause is what
an actors due
not the title of activist
that takes action to
but all too comfortable

Life is emulating art
God has become a part
preference has become purpose
forecast is rather dark
the devil won
the details had the heart
and the spark
an array of flame,
far too comfortable

I’ve been in the backrooms
where the preachers are
and become men again
and tend to be more sin
than the skin their in
and speak the vilest of vile
and are the worst of pedophile
and adulterer
spellbinding sorcerers
money commanding orators
the less than ordinary
in the offices
behind the sanctuary
preying on orifices,
way too comfortable

Hypocrites and heathens
heaven is under siege
asunder the bridge of hope
made to believe
that a part of me sent to me
one like me
to be
comfortable enough
to take my peace,

I decided not to be
instead self-inoculated
instead of occupation
I waited
it was uncomfortable
but I made it
a bed of my own making
but I made it
the real church is in me
and I made it
with enough time to spare
so that I could share
a real testimony
no jest
just the only thing I have,
a past
whether you listen
or you laugh
just know that
I’m comfortable
and all I want from you
is to ask
what do you want to do
and how much discomfort
will it take
before you want to move

or are you too comfortable?


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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