Naked… [POEM]

Nothing to lose,
or hide
I tried
I died a cowards death,
I lived a soldiers life,
I survived
a transient in palace clothes
a rogue
dancing under the viaducts
unchained to trains
of thought
I taught lessons
that I brought
from long ways to go
from the experience
of the wrong ways to know
I sought advices
from vices
held hostage to habits
like vice grips
a stones throw from unknown
but long gone,
in the wrong zone
toting signs
that spoke in mime,
fortunate that I could lie
could easily say “I’m fine”
hide in the plain sights
under the radar,
over time
and no one knows
no one told
folded the chairs
and disappeared
no bags,
in the clear
in the rearview,
the cold
clouds that covered the sky
hiding the moon
weren’t as they were
but smoke
enveloped in the cocoon
a butterfly trapped,
a room
beautiful colors
aren’t seen in the darkness

I am as I came
the same
but no difference
because I know different
I’m no different
no excuses
I know prisons
the prisms of pretentious
I wrote literature
that was the ligature
my signature significant
my words indicative
an indictment
of my wickedness

I was exposed
standing in a crowd,
susceptible to the elements
accused by the evidence
of being shown
prone to expectations
of home
lying there
in roam
subject to a dissident,
soaking my sulk
a bulk of my inference
in foam
dripping into the parchment
ideas sorted on the carpet
a sordid mess
stretched about
my allotment
no room
no soon to be warmed
a thermostat across it
held to the traditions
of a system
so I’ve moved
leave before you go
or wonder
how you’ve lost it
until you know

I’m better now
empty and barren
so I’d better now
settle in the right place
to grow
no reason not to
same reasons to show
and share
stand in the mirror
of mankind
and bare
everything that I have
because it is everything
that I have
and I have every right to it
and someone else
may see me
then might do it…



©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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