Choice… [POEM]

If someone is hungry
and you can feed them,
Do so.
You don’t need a Jesus for that.
If someone needs help
and you can assist them,
Why not?
What good is it turning your back?
If someone is falling and out of sorts,
and your experience could set them straight…
Why wait?
If someone is going good
despite the help or hold you could,
Why hate?
What good is compassion
if not lasting?
Or what purpose serves graciously,
if not patiently?
Were someone sick and your power subject to heal,
Why would it not be obligation that you feel?
Dare you to be real and admit your prejudice,
sufficing to say that your bias is resident…
If your help is hesitant
then your harm is evident.
What if a soul needed shelter
and your home is sufficient,
Why not listen?
Or why not advise for the better, your story is worth the benefit…
Why not mention it?
Why would you avoid the trodden, the trampled, or the tried?
How dare you delay where you once were denied?
What form of faith is it that holds within it pride…
ignoring evidence while it’s deity hides.
How dare you chide the ignorant…
while considering your opinion overly significant.
What gall and degree of audacity do you bear?
inconsiderate of the experience,
or is it,
Do you care?
Have you taught as you have learned?
Have you shared as has been to you?
Do you consider yourself a success,
without the much more work to do…
If one desires to follow your lead,
have you opened up the way?
or have you refused as many others,
and left with nothing more to say…
Why is it that you are?
What good is it to live?
If not to continue life,
What cost will you not give?
If a man need be forgiven,
though he has failed more times than not,
Is it you that shall condemn him,
despite a chance that once you got…

An abandoned heart will refuge in the darkest place of sure
for sickness is only a thought
that develops, until it is cured
You could be well or you could be on your way,
That is certainly up to you,
but wouldn’t it be different if what you choose is exactly what you do…


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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