Youth… [POEM]

If you don’t teach me,
then I will assume I know
If you don’t reach me,
then don’t assume I’ll grow

If you leave me to figure it,
then that I surely will
If you don’t trust me to remember it,
then what shall I truly feel?

If you hide from me your truth,
then what source shall I reference?
when I am searching for proof
and you only extend me your preference

If you don’t allow me to fumble,
how should I learn to secure?
If you don’t allow me any options,
how can I learn to be sure?

If you inhibit my experience
or limit my exposure
then expect a rebellion
you cannot keep control of

If you will not give me credit
and refuse me your praise
then why shouldn’t I be attracted
to the welcoming gang?

If you don’t chastise and correct,
then I will assume you don’t care
If you don’t define what is respect,
then I will regard with no fear

If you choose or decide,
that your plan for me better
know that I will venture
curiously to the letter

If you ignore my existence,
by refusing me growth
I will deceptively please you,
vindictively so

If you disregard my feelings
by forcing me direction
I will eventually grow cold
to needing your discretion

If you hide from me adventure
and bury through me hope
I will eventually succumb
to a horror you spoke

If you won’t listen to my plea,
nor give me a chance
how will I learn to communicate,
on what shall I stance?

If you do not mentor,
I might only know that you meant to
If you do not point me correctly,
what do I turn into?

If you don’t lead me,
then who shall I follow
If you don’t need me,
then what is tomorrow?


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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