Watching you sleep… [POEM]

The sound of you here
soothes me
sound asleep,
gives me peace
let’s me fall beyond
and beneath
my own insecurities,
wash away
fall by the bedside
like they were
just thrown away
not tucked underneath
like those sheets
that barely cover your thigh,
My, My, My, My, My
Like the good kisser you are
the best kisser by far
all things considered
Say something smart…
new attitudes
new habits too
Let’s pray everyday, at eight
for our sake
Keepsake that we keep safe
for our say,
you just keep saying “our”
and I’ll stay
no hour too early or late
you can keep me awake…

I prefer visuals
visceral feelings
and tune
symbiotic chemistry
and room
to decide

hand on your chest
for comfort
and surety
purely intentional
making sure you don’t go
slowly making my way into
an embrace
spooning to taste
I love the way you smell,
peppermint and sage
lemongrass and eucalyptus,
You can get this
in every place
held, in this way

I wonder if you notice
my touch
the way my eyes hold you
the way my mind folds you
into submission
the way my imagination
lifts you
the way my skin
kisses up against you
as my literature
picks you a part
not missing a part
I notice every difference

I know exactly where to start…

your brain,
mind over matter
your mind is what matters
give me your mind
and we can get over what matters,
think about it
come back to me after

I awake
and take my imaginations place…


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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