Played (to your music)… [POEM]

There was a moment,
when I had imagined
what I wanted
nothing of the sort
had been before
but I still believed it more
kept hold of it in a dream
had written it on my sleeves
carried it
on every ship I traveled
even whispered it,
a quiet breeze
folded with the good linen
and displayed like fine china
but only a reminder
of a better time
things were much different

I once listened to love
like a song on the radio
but never went to the concert
just admired it
from a distance
a perception
but no convert
didn’t want to become
a fan
and take the chance of being
another face in the crowd,
coming to see you

So I played your song
in my head
let the melody put me to bed
fell far away from the reality
of this world
and instead
found signs and symbols
and cadence
in your rhythmic syllables
learned every note,
without trying to

I drank from your cup
a serving big enough
swallowed the textures
and let it build me up
a resistance
to music
or just songs like you
the kind that play
for everyone
except for two

and now I enjoy bands
and grooves
I’ve discovered an alternative
and Blues
I’m now an expert,
thanks to you

Now the moment
is when I hear that rift
that one string you pull
the one only you can pick
and it reminds me
that I can dance
like anyone else,
even if
all by myself.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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