D Words… [POEM]

We left it somewhere
never expected to leave
being apart was no option
it was supposed to be,


nevermind the fools we made of ourselves
we were once happy,


and now sights can’t be stood
moments are more regret
every time there is presence,
there feels like death


and I haven’t slept…

I hope you have trouble
sleeping without me
and if you do get a chance to dream,
I hope it is about me


I hope that I haunt every thought
I wish no man ever take my place
I pray that you suffer the same sickness as my anxiety over you,
I hope that your only remedy,
is my face,


so I will stay away…

from whatever hurts you
and leads you to question
I’ve learned more about myself
per your suggestion


Yet, here we are…

opposite sides of this issue,
juggernauts going for blood,
unwilling to own our messes
I’m torn because of you


you’re hurt because of what I did
no one seems to remember it honestly
and then we have these kids,
casualties and tactics
can’t go forward
because it’s backwards,


How can you say you acted?

What do you mean you don’t believe?

How could we ever walk away from this?

What can’t I see?


You don’t mean what you said
I never meant to betray you
somewhere along the way we stumbled
what can I say to…
make this different
There is no judgement that can justify our love
or mandate my commitment


Why are we here?

I apologize. I’m sorry. whatever it takes, just take it away
I’ll give back everything that you don’t like about me,
I’ll change, today


I forgive you. I understand.
whatever you need to hear, it’s okay
I am willing to accept you and I can work with us,
just don’t break


Or say it’s over
I don’t want an end
I want us to get over
this hurdle
get better somehow,
through this turbulence…


We deserve better
and are capable of more
counseling, mediation, therapy
prayer, fasting, changes
that’s what they are for
just don’t make me feel ignored


We can fix this,
by our faith
taken back by force
I just can’t take failing to finish it
and I don’t want to…



©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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