New words, for Old Feelings… [POEM]

the pain spilled over
into pleasure of differently
Standing in the mirror
at a reflection
of what isn’t me
I can see me now
free from
how you held my heart captive,
I can be me now
and I like it

Might get someone
to match it
discovered myself to be,
some type of catch
It is,
quite amazing, I must say
no longer attached
to your expectations,
I’m done killing myself
over you,
no shortness of breath,
this sigh is long overdue…

the way you hurt,
your reluctance to touch
felt like a deathblow
but now I know
now I am able to see
my old ways
have new feelings
and technique
I’ve been rescued
good that you didn’t want me

love looks just like lust
betrayal feels just like trust
fear appears to be faith
tears have a beautiful taste
when they fall from eyes
to cheeks
to lips
that say, “I can wait”
with a kiss
and a promise
to sit tight
some people had to be tried on,
to find one that fits right

such an adscititious state
commensalism as a fate
who would have known
after such a mollitious idea
that there would be this day
no longer panurgic for you
and feeling this kind of way…

New words
for those old feelings
I’m peeling off that skin
a new layer exposed
deadweight lost,
I’ve thinned

Cured from being sick of you
and vulnerable
looking forward to someone else,
and wanting to…


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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