Else… [POEM]

Whatever it, was
just enough
to move, what
we had
far enough, away
from where
we were
into a, place
that had
no business
being placed, between
no space
that was
already in, between
who we
had agreed
and promised, we
had meant
and been
honest as, well
as sure
as could
or clearly, pretending
while misunderstood
for now
it has, become
more like
less likely
that love, decided
to skip
and rather…
go somewhere,
be somewhere,
find somewhere,
and that, created
some thing
some one
some where,
to be
to believe
to think about
without them
even being, real
if not
for you
definitely for, me
because now
there is
a question mark
where there
was once
no answer, needed
until you
created it,
so be, it
the God
that made, it
or be
the devil
that hated, this
so much
that you
would rather, not
let me
see it through
but instead
hate the, part
of me
that gave
into you, without
thinking that
one day
you would, give
to me
a choice
like this, or
to do
to make, this

that I, would
have to


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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