It takes, Time… [POEM]

He watches the clock
ever a second disappears
searching for a different reason
to still be here

having to organize the clutter
or free Himself to think
wishing another hour away,
every time He blinks

but, it takes, time

every motion toward purpose
any second pointed for a try
all the energy spent guessing
yet never knowing why

an education for the reference
with experience for the cause
either rejection or refusal,
He’s been eager through it all

but, it takes, time

no such thing as being different
when no such beings are the same
He has to find himself just being
and then be just as strange

He must adjust for no other reason
than to be as ready as can be
He will have to register a mindset
that will someday set him free

but, it takes, time

going extra for the smallest
yet being small in times of grand
He will find it awkward to be the hero
but will never settle for just His chance

He will eventually find his calling
and He will abruptly change the way
He will be different as He said He was
and He will never have to say

but, it takes, time.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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