all the ways, all ways, always… [POEM]

You will always love me
“all the ways”,
all the days of Your life
no reason to believe otherwise,
all the ways of my light

and all I am
will always remain
all the way of my like
so unless You change
there is no way at all
that walls can keep that inside

I am not insane
no not at all,
just knowing the depth
of my sight
and to close my eyes
at this point in time,
well, that just wouldn’t be nice

for pretending to lose
instead of being set loose
is a fiction of being denied
and I am a man,
a certain type of man
but not without passion or pride

just going about the way that it is,
while leaving the distance to bind
so You will always love me
“all the ways”,
all the days of Your life

no matter our ways
or all that has changed
there will always be
something inside
and not of a way
that is so hard to say,
it will always be
enough to suffice

whether rest assured
or rest so that you endure
I will never feel set to the side
because I will stand either way
for the same kind of strange
and a will that will never deny

while still and absolute
for now and for then
for safekeeping or strolls about
for how and for when

for ever and for real
for You and for me
for the rest of existence
for as long as I breathe

and then for all that is time
and what is unknown such
You will always remember
You will always touch

and thus always continue
to always contend
that we will always be,
at the very least, friends.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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