Over…   [POEM]

Never again shall I believe you
for you’ve only led me away
misguided me through the meantime,
while casually planning to stray

for what would I conjure emotion
of what sense does it make to believe
I discarded the ways of feeling for you
there is only room left to perceive

your whole is having its way
your way is halving this hole
the piece that you once put together
is now breaking apart at the soul

the dance that defined you is boring
your moves are unpleasant and stale
the torture of watching your freedom
is causing me all sorts of hell

why not let an anger invade me
why wouldn’t I find it to use
I deserve the pleasures of irony
and karma is just no excuse

for reasons I will not surrender
for the sake of seeing you go
I will only allow that you suffer
with the feeling of being unknown.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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