meaning the moon… [POEM]

I want to make love
to you
under the next full moon
outside by the water
in clear view
of the entire sky
you should be given it all,
I want to try

You deserve to feel beautiful
at your most vulnerable state
and if you fret being alone,
allow me into that space
I know the time that time takes,
I can wait

there is still room available
yet and still more to come
always and forever obliging,
waiting for you to run

Here I am, Here I am

romance should be automatic
as simple as wanting you happy,
by habit
it is all merely a collage of experiences,
and ours are ecstatic

the wait feels like music
to me
strummed are the strings of my heart,
by your sweet
swept is the floor of my soul
by your feet
every morning, a spring clean

after nights surveying moons
waking up to sunsets
time spent consumed
to songs in the key of forgiveness,
I live this

escape to show me the way
or stay
as the puddle of our moisture
transforms into a lake
diluted for a sake
much more safe,
than lying awake…


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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