running, in place… [POEM]

whether we want to decide
or choose to be able
weather permitting a storm
or a condition unstable
if we open up to be honest
or choose belief in the fable,

everything is on the table

and you deserve a label
so here you are,
I offer to understand you
I give you my heart
by no means do I intend you harm,
just doing my part

you knew me from the start

terrible to hear that you’re lonely
that should never be
your amazing
should never even be alone,
you deserve company
a parade of amazing moments,
at the very least,
and that once was me

un-forgotten, completely

but today,
is why we don’t love the same
is a reason for the game
and tomorrow,
we won’t remember the pain

because nothing will change.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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