I made you a promise… [POEM]

I made you a promise,
“One year from now”
and it came true
but I was just a mess,
you were the same you
all the while I believed
that the God to my liking,
had named you
whether we made it or not,
I’d have to change rules
but I had to run away
couldn’t walk in those same shoes…
and but I would blame you
hoping you’d chase me
or at least be a sane fool

but I made the promise

and you were worth every word
“never felt so comfortable”,
something I had never heard
nor knew the meaning to,
until I finally believed in you
I took way too much time, the nerve
but that was all fear,
of a past once occurred
and you observed,
my confusion was clear to you
you believed me
and after all this time,
I know you still do

I made you a promise

could not serve you less than,
so I just ran
dare I have the audacity to speak now,
but I just am
seeing that you are not where we could be,
well, I just can
sitting in wait, via mistake
I just stand
remember your faith in me?
it wasn’t just glance
I deserve your love
it is worth chance

I made you a promise

“when are you coming back?”
you had every right to ask
but I was searching for a clarity
that I tried every night to mask
hurt people hurt people
and I perfected the task
left a wife I was sure to marry,
and a daughter I may never have
the future says it’s okay,
right now I’m stuck with a past

I made you a promise

have tried my best and all to let it go
2,017 plus days since that moment,
each second counted slow
wanting any reason to replace the feeling
but away they just won’t go
I could have kept this to myself,
but silence just ain’t so
if I won’t try, then I can’t know…

and I made you a promise

that I’d become the man I presented
that the fate of my words,
would not be prevented
that if you gave me your heart,
you would not resent it
that no interruptions
would overshadow my intentions
that we would be what I said,
because I meant it…

when I made you a promise.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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