inner thought… [POEM]

last night
felt like tomorrow should
if only tomorrow could
so that the sorrow would,
go astray
but somewhere we made up
without making the problem
go away
and I woke up believing in you
as if the dirt had just blown away
empty trash, and a clean slate
how could a burden be so easy
to throw away
why wouldn’t you just leave me?
at least be bold and say…
“I did it”,
and at least try to admit it
then give me time to hate you
and not act like what is so new
is old today
excuses growing old per say
over-analyzing is how I use my soul to pray
I feel so old & gray
cold as slate
in a golden way…
holding space
unwilling to allow myself
to move on from you,
even after having been
told to wait…

I should listen to myself,
most often.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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