stages…   [POEM]

I’ve seen ’em change for change
and get strange for strangers
and I’m just like, “dang”,
I only wanted to keep you out of danger
but you thought what I had was anger
thought my aim was an angle
funny to see you front on me,
I’ve had your back for ages
whether we played on rocks or stages
no script, we got time
that you don’t block for pages,
nor should you have clocked
for wages
but you chose locks, and cages
and we can’t be free no more
you don’t rock with me no more,
because I don’t flock for rages
I’m still from the block,
but I move un-stopped, courageous
you let a little noise go to your head,
guess you cold now,
hope what you’ve got is not contagious
or that you can stop,
or contain it…

Old friends got new on you
made moves,
but returned out the blue on you
you don’t even know the way made for you to get it how you got it,
how I been taking the sh*t
they threw on you
even the ones you think don’t think your sh*t stink
got diarrhea,
they throwing so much number two on you
but I’m on they a**,
let one of ’em get out of hand
or put a boo-boo on you
I’m going full in,
acting like a boo on you,
going to protect your every step,
like I’m the boot on you

You still don’t get it
but them lights on
and your crowd is waiting
I know you’ve always wanted your turn,
we ain’t gone let your candle burn,
so it’s your turn, take it
make the most of it
bread on the table,
I hope you get most of it
this your party,
you better be the host of it
don’t let me stop the music,
or haunt you in anyway,
matter of fact, the past is the past,
I’ll just be the ghost of it
mention me like a memory,
I’ll send you a bottle,
for the toast of it
round of drinks of me,
but I bet they drink the most of it

You’re right, everybody don’t go
just remember this though,
I got the information
that everybody don’t know
and I’m going to be here forever
when they rocking with you
or when they don’t show
some of us happen to “make it”,
some of us make it happen,
either way, we all got a way to go,
we just got away,
or got to wait
to know.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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