left me here… [POEM]

i fell for the stance
my old callous soul,
started to feel for romance
i, of all people
there once was no chance
i’d been fine, in the blind
given no glance
but oh, through circumstance
something about her sound,
i became affixed, in a trans
her moods became my music
and i wanted to dance
not for any sake of it
but because, that i can

awake, like never before
with all that i could take
there could ever be more
but yet here i was to break
all of my stake, on the floor
trying to persuade her to wait
i made the mistake
of taking the tour
now i want the place,
i feel safe, just by the door
so i was in, and out, respectively
even if the choice is either,
placed by the or

i am available,
just to be near
anyway i am wanted,
but just to be clear
i am full aware and can stomach,
being next to being there
by being myself
i am my best, being where
and even i fail the test
she’d best be aware
the odds against mean nothing
i guessed, being fair
it’s all the same to me
all of the rest, being rare

face the reality
it’s all the name
the risk are actually,
but it’s all the game
time to adjust
because it’s all the same
i win or i lose,
it’s all, the pain
i choose to go back,
all for change
make oath to make adjustments,
this time, go all the way
i just ask for my share
and she not have all the say
saving all that i could
before she throws it all away
because she left me here,
and will be gone all today.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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