Selfie…   [POEM]

I like myself
so I hype myself
I believe my vision can happen,
so I write it, myself
in spite of myself
and despite the help,
I excite myself
I listen to advice,
but I try it myself
I know full well the potential,
so I ignite myself
darkness is inevitable,
but I light myself
against any and all odds,
I fight, for myself
no pretending,
I can psych myself
I’m right, with myself
no blind spots,
I have sight myself
to challenge the heights, myself
I hear the voice of both,
rhyme and reason,
and I reply, myself
I speak life that it might help,
and inside of myself,
I continue to believe in possible
so I take flight, myself
I do not worry about conformity,
I own the rights to myself
I have pride in myself
I know action is the difference,
I apply it, for myself
I know there is a specific place for me,
and I will arrive there, myself
I can drive myself
even if I have to be by myself
because I belong there,
I am a survivor, myself.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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