Shouldering Ghosts… [POEM]

imaginary burdens
that are perceived to be real
that weigh just as heavy
and deserve to be killed
issues and old chapters
just won’t be forgotten
laying all around your way-path
keep coming until you stop them
hindering possibility
stagnating your best
prolonging your potential
withholding your success
people you should have removed
others you have yet to add
confusion based on interpretation
a world that wishes you’d go mad
hurt that could’ve healed yesterday
pain that don’t have to matter
love ain’t no reason to lay there
happy ain’t what happens after
sick from being so tired
tired from being so sick
alone because you chose a crowd
ignoring the truth to go with
feelings that could have waited
time you could have spent
hope that you probably wasted
prayers that were never sent
you are haunted by a history
a past you honor most
refusing to accept a present
while instead you shoulder ghosts

that have

… been leaving you out
… been messing you around
… been keeping you back
… been holding you down.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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