I find you… [POEM]

I find you neither
his, or mine
while you were
here today
but there for the night
between the frequencies,
far too frequently
leaving particles behind
not for any remainder,
but for the remind
he gets the symbol,
I get the signs
and you require us both,
for a time
an incredible orthodox,
the blasphemous blessing,
of the inner mind
an untangled tangible
your out, or in,
atop both of our mantles,
as both,
memory and rewind
all too mesmerizing,
remembering that you chose
to decide
a sifters sort of separate,
albeit designed
you are the most,

I find you neither
a truth, or a lie
like was said, “forever”,
only as a time
but never more than for long,
at a time
together more than once,
an uncooperative conjunction,
in a bind
indifference to the susceptibility
acceptable for a what
ineligible as a why
but not long afterwards,
did doing so a try
you with him to live
you with me for life
we both know the difference,
just settling for the prize
for winning in perspective,
is neglecting which to drive
the trophy sits in silence
hoisted for surprise,
to say the least,

I find you neither
right, or wrong
an especially as exception
a string that strings along
doing as done unto dire
a mire mired in her song
playing a special music
inspired by the tone
changes in selection
fired by the gone
might as well
live this life away
at least prior to going on
I find no reason to quit
and why should I,
tied tired by your tongue,
until I am done protecting
a life much rather prone
to finding out if
his, nor mine
is for now, or for long.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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