In case of Emergency…   [POEM]

you are preserving self, for someone
while taking pain and hurt, for you
there is still the chance to escape,
an old rumor could still be true…

the uncertainty of being selfless
where you should have thought to not
but for sake of being considered
you chose to be a rock

the truth has more so been the problem than what we pretend our lies to be
refusing to accept our own selves,
instead denying lives we lead

there is good reason for being faithful
infidelity has it’s own
but loyalty has not the ownest
nor is love, as such has shown

feelings matter not for desire
emotions only serve to confuse
there is still justification for un-comfort,
an obsession for being used

where the statue stands for honor
there was once a bloody war
that had no cause of being needed
but remains a reason for

per course of learning to matter
in the classroom full of fools
teaches well on how to standout
being misfit, breaking rules

should be decided to abandon
or if chosen, to commit
no road enters here unchallenged,
even paradise has conflict

you sit aside an ocean
wishing yet to know it more
but as willing her discretion,
into what cup should she just pour?

long time ago you knew well
there used to be this hope
and now you know what happens
inside of such a rope

there is bliss in being blind
there is shelter inside that cage
another story in those same words,
another chapter beyond that page

so, i will be the reason
give your blame to me
i will take that hurt off your hands,
it’s all the same to me…

in case of emergency,
break my heart.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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