Trust that you… [POEM]

I trust that you…
should, can, will
well-knowing you
could stand still
and it is your choice,
whichever way
if and when you decide,
whatever you say

I trust that you…
won’t follow suit
ignoring the trap of tradition
so it doesn’t swallow you
there are options,
truth be told, there is time
as life is sure to unfold
never be scared, you’re alive

I trust that you…
Go, Do, Be
it is up to you,
don’t you see?
you get to leave or love
at your desire and decision
just know the moments,
whether forgiveness or permission

I trust that you…
try for yourself
the point of having wings
is to fly for yourself
there is everywhere
and anywhere you choose to be
that is most important,
and what matters to me.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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