The Kid… [POEM]

the kid was inspired
something the teacher said
much ado of history
less the lies he read

still yet the kid was thirsty
and classes poured unto him free
refreshment in the form of words
that time permitted he could drink

now towards sure a kid would lean
transfixed beyond of he had been
peering out from under privilege
he got over being nothing’s friend

so a kid had far to go
how else had deserts been run
the dry respect of historic drought
be watered by what made him son

thus for kid the leave has bent
covered by the once of bare
chance to see the chance so much
for once is known somebody cared

now a kid will be a man
and more than just was offered of
this kid is being led to lead
and all because a Father loved…


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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