You might not need therapy.

You might not need therapy.

You might just need an opportunity to tell your truth/story. And have that truth/story validated. Especially (if possible) by the people that are part of your truth/story. The part that you’ve been holding in. The part that you’ve been fighting. The part that you’ve been prisoner to. The part you haven’t moved on from.

You might just need the right information. The information that will assist you in processing your truth/story. The information that will allow you to acknowledge and recognize what your truth/story is and how it has been, is, and will continue to impact and affect you.

You’re not crazy. You’re not delusional. You’re not wrong.

Everything that happened to you, happened to you. You’ve tried to pretend it didn’t. You wished it didn’t. You’ve probably been told that it didn’t. Because someone needed you to not remember what really happened. Someone needed you to not speak up about what really happened.

You remember what happened.

And that’s what’s been hurting you. That’s what’s been hampering you. That’s what’s been hindering you.

That is what has held you hostage.

The fact that you know what happened, what was done to you, and what you’ve gone through as a result.

While those involved have gone about as if your being depressed, distant, or desperate is a dysfunction of your own doing. Like, you did all of it to yourself! Like you don’t have a reason to be mad, hurt, distrustful, paranoid, cynical, pessimistic, inconsistent, distant, or just not quite the you that you could/should/would be, had it not been for you know, what happened.

You might not need therapy. You might need the opportunity to face those people. The opportunity to give the negative words and energy that you’ve been holding onto, back to the people that negative energy and those words belong to. This ain’t really your baggage you’ve been carrying. It’s someone else’s. You’ve been carrying someone else’s weight. Someone else’s blame. Someone else mess. Someone else’s problem(s).

Because you’ve interpreted what happened to you as an indictment of your character, or an indication of your worth. And it’s not. A lot of the things that happened to you, had nothing to do with you. They would have happened to anyone that was right there at that moment. There is nothing you could have done to have made it any different.

That person that hurt you was going to hurt whomever. That person that lied to you was going to lie to whomever. That person that abused you was going to abuse whomever. The person that did whatever it was that did whatever it did to you was going to do that whatever to whomever.

It wasn’t because of you. It’s not because of you.

So, you might not need therapy. You might’ve just needed to know that. To know that you’re okay. And that the only way you can say you went through something is after you’ve gotten through it. You might just need to realize that.

And realize that you’ve been going through this chapter of this truth/story long enough. You have been fighting yourself, going back-and-forth with you, long enough. You’re tired, and exhausted, from trying to get an answer out of you that you will never have. You’re trying to get resolution and closure and an understanding that might not even make sense to you. Ever. Because what happened to you was not about you.

You made it that.

And because you’ve allowed that to be the narrative, you’ve been everything but who and what you want to be. Going every way but the way that you want to go…

You’ve been down.

Going down.

Torn down.

Sat down.

Put down.

Lying down.

Always down.

Down and out.

You might not need therapy;

You might just need to get up.

And tell your truth/story.

You deserve that.

The world deserves the you that does it.


©️2023 Cornelious “See” Flowers

SEE the Poet

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