Effective or Afraid, BE one.

Either be EFFECTIVE, or be AFRAID.

YOU cannot be both. You are going to have to choose. You are going to have to decide which one is necessary for YOU. Not the one that is most convenient, nor which is most comfortable. You’ll have to be the one that is necessary for YOU to grow forward.

It’s a matter of fear vs faith. What do you have more of? Are you more moved by what scares you or by what you believe in? Which one guides you? Which one informs you? Which one do you feed?

You have to choose, and you have to choose NOW. Because both sides want you. Yes, that’s right, FEAR and FAITH are both vying for your attention, and your actions. They are both available to be your driving factor or your dysfunction, your motivation or your mediocre, your reason or your excuse.

What’s it going to be? What will you use to propel, push, or even pull you up, and position YOU in the space that will give you the best opportunity to do what you need to?

Will it be your FAITH or will it be your FEAR?

Will you be EFFECTIVE, or are you just going to be AFRAID?




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