For the “YOU” out there…

I’m going to save you some time, stress, energy, and disappointment:

NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, OR WHAT YOU SAY, OR WHO YOU ARE, OR WHAT YOU GIVE, OR WHAT YOU SUFFER, OR WHAT YOU SACRIFICE, OR WHAT YOU SPEND, OR HOW YOU ARE… there will be some people, especially in your corner, on your side… that won’t ever be there for you.

They are not going to make your road easy. They will not help. They are not going to support. They will present your most significant obstacles and challenges. They are going to give you the most consistent resistance. They will fight you the most, and the hardest. They are going to be your most vocal detractors and antagonists. They are never going to agree with you. They will never defend you. They will never believe you. They will never trust you.

They will never root for you. They will not comfort you. They will not be anything outside of whatever their selfishness or their ignorance allows them to be for you.

And it is okay.


They are MEANT to be that to you.

Because, eventually, they’ll be the reason, the motivation, the force, that you use to get up and do what you should have been doing FOR YOU, for YOU!

You’re not going to get up and move as a retaliatory action in response to who they have been to you. Nope!

You’re going to get up and move, out of RESPECT to YOURSELF. Because they are going to help you realize that YOU are the only one that YOU CAN COUNT ON! They are going to doubt/deter/disrespect/disregard/disappoint/demean/diss and dismiss you right into the distance! You’re going to finally realize that you can’t please everyone. Some people won’t EVER get you. They will never understand you. They will never appreciate you. They will never respect you. They will never be FOR YOU.

And they are going to FORCE you to become all that YOU WANTED them to be to you, TO YOURSELF!

You’re expecting that one day they’ll see that you were the good person, the bigger person, the genuine person.

They won’t ever see that.

Especially since/if the person that they wanted you to be was ONLY for them.

Because it was okay- your being a good person- when it was FOR THEM, or TO THEM. When they benefited or succeeded from you being you. But when you decided to not be hurt and harmed and disrespected and misused or mistreated or cheated or undervalued, under appreciated, under estimated… or just UNDER THEM… well, now you’re a problem. That’s when you became the problem.

So, I’m going to save you some time, and some hurt, some disappointment, and a whole lot more…

I’m going to tell you what someone should have told me a long time ago. What I should have told myself a long time ago…

You are you for YOU.

Repeat it:


You need to do whatever needs to be done in order to be successful at being YOU, for YOU!

Because your BEST YOU won’t be enough for people like that. Not if your best you doesn’t SERVE their interests.

If your BEST YOU ain’t in their bed, their life, in their group, in their circle, in their benefit, or in their best interests…

If you ain’t your WONDERFUL self for them. Attached to them. Wonderful for them. Wonderful to them. Or here’s the real kicker: If they can’t get credit for your wonderfulness!!!!…

Then they are not going to consider you “wonderful” at all.

In fact, they’ll be the ones spreading all the wonderful lies and mistruths about you. They’ll be the ones bringing up that wonderful past of yours. They will be the ones finding every reason to “bring you down” to their level.


They-whomever “they” are- don’t deserve anymore energy.

From me, you, or our future.

Get up. Do you.

For you.

Because you deserve it.

… and because there are some rooms and some places, filled with some people just like YOU, waiting on YOU to get past any “them” in YOUR way.

But let’s give “them” their credit: They pushed and pissed you off enough to realize that YOU need to do better… for you.

That you need to take care OF YOU. That you need to handle YOUR BUSINESS, for YOU. That you need to be successful, consistent, considerate, at peace, whole, healed, happy…

Capital letters on the “H” word…


For you. With you. About you.

Now, get up and GO.


#seethepoet #truth #perspective #motivation #wearnwordz


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