opening…   [POEM]

once should have been enough
to tell me what was you
but not that I was listening,
just something wasn’t true

in a world made clear by clouds
you still see what isn’t there
or so you make believe to be,
if in fact you choose to care

I will never fancy rhetoric
for sake of hearing truth
but your lies just feel a good to me,
that make it worth the proof

“…Till death” is just a promise
I’d rather live to see
do us part a more than likely,
if a never came to be

have you ever heard of holding?
or have you let it go to waste?
before you walk this road alone,
stay and tell for just a taste

or have your way without me
and see where art thou go
don’t you never look back hoping,
like you stead enjoyed to know.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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