Just DO. 4/17/23


Discipline and Obedience.


You have to DO your work, with DISCIPLINE and OBEDIENCE.

You have to DO your best, with DISCIPLINE and OBEDIENCE.

You have to DO!

The DISCIPLINE is going to be your dedication to it. How committed are you? Are you focused enough to continue through the distractions and the discouragement? Are you serious enough to decide on a routine and a system that you are going to follow through on, regardless of whatever might or might not happen? Are you prepared enough to endure the impact to not just your energy, but to your emotions, and to your economy?
Because the level of mandatory discipline that you have to possess is going to cost you, damn near everything! Do you have that level of focus? Are you prepared to eliminate or at least remove yourself, from the access of anything or anyone that distorts that focus? Are you ready to deal with the chaos that is certain to come once you break up the system that things and people relied on you to stay linked to in order to afford their comfortability?
Because you cannot imagine the amount of resistance you are going to encounter once you “switch up” and start caring about you. Once you prioritize YOU and YOUR needs, dreams, goals, wants, ambitions, and requirements. The level of opposition that will present itself, without reason, will be tremendous! You are going to get it from everywhere, and anywhere, ridiculously.
Are you really aware of how much this is going to cost you? Relationships, friendships, money, opportunities, sleep, fun, time. And more. It is going to cost you your comfort, your habits, your traditions, your familiarities, your weaknesses , your routines, your old identity.

You will have to give up your old self. The you that hasn’t been willing to DO what was necessary to get where YOU really want to be.
That’s scary. Are you scared enough to go through it though? Scared of falling back into the same routine. Scared of what will happen if you never try your best. Scared of losing out on the chance to see what happens when you DO the work.

The OBEDIENCE is going to require more from you. The obedience is your acknowledgment and acceptance of the rules that YOU MUST FOLLOW in order to have the level of dedication you need to produce your results.
So you’re going to have to listen to; To respect; To submit to; To trust:


Ultimately, that’s who this is about. That is who benefits or suffers. That is who pays the price or reaps the reward. That is who matters: YOU!
You are going to have to honor the commitment that you make to YOU! That’s the obedience that will change YOUR life. Because in reality, nothing else matters. If you don’t have a YOU to matter to, will anything or anyone else?


So, are you ready to do what YOU said YOU would? Are you ready to hold YOU accountable? Are you able to be that level of honest with YOURSELF, where you recognize that YOU are the actual reason that you fail or succeed? Do you have enough consideration for yourself to understand that YOU matter and YOU deserve the respect for the rules that will bring about the results YOU want?
Then, be obedient to the commitments and guidelines that YOU KNOW must be honored in order to achieve YOUR dream.

You should still pray and believe in whatever YOUR faith utilizes to teach you that this is bigger than you. But know that that faith should also teach you that whatever is bigger than you, is bigger because of you. YOU MATTER. Whatever is bigger matters as well, but if there is no YOU then how could… nevermind. This is about you.

This is about you being ready to DO what it takes.

It is going to take EVERYTHING! And your obedience to the process will determine whether or not you get what is on the other side.

So, are you ready to implement a self-success-structure? The plan and procedures that will keep you on track. Work ethic, preparation, consistency, time management, budgeting, service, balance, character, integrity, healing, peace. Whatever the specific things are that are going to give YOU the best chances at following through on what YOU said.

Then DO…

DO what is necessary.
DO what is best.
DO what is required.
DO what YOU need to.
DO something different.
DO something consistently.
DO something amazing.
DO something worth YOUR while.
DO something NOW.

Just DO.


©️2023 Cornelious “See” Flowers



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