Today’s -see 1/14/2014

“They” can describe YOU;
But YOU define YOU! …

How do you think people see YOU? What do YOU think people think about YOU? Should YOU care?

This is YOUR life. Every second and situation of it, YOURS. YOU have to go through it. YOU have to live it. YOU have to be in it. YOU have to manage and maintain whichever pace and process that is specific to YOU and YOUR journey or path. YOU have to do that, for YOURSELF, and most often than not, by YOURSELF!

People are going to do an awful job at manufacturing or maintaining YOUR happiness. They are going to fail at sustaining YOUR productivity and progress. They are going to let YOU down and disappoint YOU consistently as it pertains to being responsible for guaranteeing YOU peace of mind. People are going to destroy the confidence and faith that YOU have in humanity if YOU depend on them to perform in manners and means that are outside of their ability.

As well they should!

YOU are responsible for YOU. “People” are flawed and imperfect and mistake prone. People are liars and thieves and manipulators and judgers and assumers and speculators. People are insensitive and disloyal and unforgiving and hypocritical. People are selfish, they want what they want, how and when they want it, and YOU are sometimes just a means to their end of getting whatever it is they are after. People are inconsiderate and violent. People are greedy and envious and click-ish and rude. People do not care about YOU.

And they don’t have to.

YOU are important. YOU are worthy. YOU are deserving. There is no reason that YOU shouldn’t be able to have nice or nicer things. YOU get to be successful! YOU get to be a part of something big and important. YOU get to feel special. YOU get to love and be loved and feel love. YOU get to care and be cared about. YOU are entitled to peace of mind, body, and spirit. YOU deserve family and friends, relationships that are responsible and accountable. YOU want and need to be utilized and acknowledged and respected. YOU deserve to be revered!


“People” are going to “give” YOU what they “get” from YOU! They are going to get away with what YOU allow. If YOU open YOURSELF up to the risk of being taken advantage of, the chances are more than likely that YOU will be taken advantage of. If YOU sacrifice YOUR safety, security, and significance for the sake of settling for anything outside of YOURSELF, know that nothing in YOU will be able to withstand the vulnerability that comes along with that. YOU have to establish and set rules, guidelines, standards, habits, routines, bars, expectations, as such that YOU require in order to function at a level that keeps YOU on pace and in perfect harmony with YOU! And “people” will have to live with that. People are going to live with that.

Because YOU are “people” and those “people” are YOU.

Once YOU determine and decide that YOU are going to deliberately live the way that YOU want and need to, people are going to fall in line. Those that are not willing, capable, or able to meet YOUR standards and requirements will have no choice but to surrender access to YOU back to YOU or to someone else, someone willing to do what must be done, to YOUR desire and design. They will have to let go, leave YOU alone, and/or walk away. It is not to say that they won’t be able to return or measure up at some later time but this change will definitely demand that they either “step up” or “step back”.

What people tend to think or say about YOU is typically a response, not to YOU, but to themselves. “Hate” is just fear. Jealousy, usually just a product of that self-hate, and envy. The spreading of rumors or gossip about YOU is often just a means of being able to comment about
YOU for fear that communicating with YOU is out of their ability. So they slander where they are unable to salute!

And YOU are no better!

The truth is that none of us are perfect in the sense of being without flaw or having not sinned or having pasts and histories that are or were contrary to what we acknowledge or stand for now. We’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all lied and misled and judged and disappointed in our lives. We’ve done wrong, unintentional wrong and purposed wrong. We are all guilty of transgression and fault. Each one of us with a story to tell. And that is where we are perfect. In the unevenness of our bars. In the ugliness of our beauty. In the scars of our hurts. In our pains. In our quirks. In our secrets. In our stories.

So what that they have something to say about YOU!

This is YOUR life. And it is time that YOU live it. Happily ever after, NOW. And from now on!

Because YOU deserve it and “people” deserve the YOU that has it!


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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