I’ll give you some bargain advice…

So, life diss-ed YOU.

Life gave you a dis-ease.
Maybe life gave you a dis-ability.

Or life dis-owned you.

Sometimes life dis-tracts you and dis-courages you. Life dis-counts who you are and dis-tances you from your rightful place and potential. Life dis-proportionately suffers you tragedy and turmoil. Sometimes life dis-approves of how you want to live. Often life just outright dis-agrees with what you want and believe you deserve.

Life gives you dis-comfort. You adapt. Life dis-credits you. Then life tells you that you are dis-connected!

All the while teaching you some very hard lessons about life, lessons in dis-obedience, dis-function and dis-honesty.

Oh, “life” will dis-appoint you.

Then life has the nerve to turn around and dis-play how bad it’s treated you, for all to see!

And then life will dis-miss you!

How did life earn the right? How did life get that much power? How dare life do that?

Why is life picking on you?

Does it even matter?

Ever had the feeling that life just dis-likes you? No matter what you do. No matter what you overcome or accomplish. No matter how much you face or take. No matter that you’ve come through more than whatever is a fair share of obstacle and issues.

Ever just had the feelings of dis-honor or dis-pleasure, with yourself, behind being unable to maintain a momentum or success that is able to sustain you or your progress? Ever just felt dis-lodged from the greater meaning or bigger picture of things?

Ever just felt dis-posable? Like you’re by yourself in a place filled with people, but no one pays attention to you. Like you’re not necessary. Like you’re not needed. Like you’re really not there. Like you’re speaking a completely different language. You seem dis-torted. You get dis-oriented.
It causes you dis-tress. You become dis-trustful.

You feel like you might as well just, dis-appear.

*Dis-claimer* – *Dis-claimer* – *Dis-claimer* – *Dis-claimer* –

[All of that is what life is supposed to do. All of it is a part of life. All of it is necessary. If you want to LIVE.]

It is time for you to do some diss-ing…

• YOU have to DIS-COVER the truth that life doesn’t always DIS-CLOSE to YOU: That truth is that it is up to YOU.

• YOU have to dis-miss any and all of whatever it is, that is only in YOUR way, until YOU move it or move around it.

• YOU have to develop the mindset and attitude that dis-regards whatever the history or the normal -which has not been good for YOU- has been.

• YOU have to dis-arm the enemy or foe against YOU. YOU have to show that YOU are a formidable presence. YOU have to learn and educate YOURSELF in the disciplines and techniques that prepare YOU to win the fight(s) of YOUR life.

• YOU have to dis-prove the critics, the stereotypes, the history, and the haters. It’s not their responsibility to show what you’re worth, it’s YOURS!

• YOU have to dis-tribute the good and positive news about YOU. YOU have to be your BIGGEST fan! Don’t let anyone tell YOU different. YOU have to believe in YOU and YOU have to love YOU and YOU have to care about YOU. YOU have to trust YOU. YOU HAVE TO DO THESE THINGS FIRST!

• YOU have to recognize dis-comfort and be willing to make changes and adjustments that bring about the different or alternatives that are necessary. YOU have to dis-continue sitting and wallowing in self-pity or depression or sadness about issues with “life”. If YOU can change it, do. If you can’t change it, DO! There is not many greater feelings than overcoming a once insurmountable odd.

• YOU have to dis-pose of the past, and the mistakes, and the failures. YOU have to decide to utilize the lessons that were learned through the experience(s). YOU have to operate with the wisdom of having “gone through” for the purpose of getting through.

• YOU have the dis-tinct power and opportunity to do what is in YOUR ability to accomplish. So, dis-turb the mediocre, dis-rupt the status quo, dis-continue the generational curse or tradition of whatever has been holding YOU back, down, or away from a greater destiny.

• YOU are not a dis-grace! Don’t EVER let anyone else’s dis-belief dis-respect YOU.

• YOU might have to dis-sociate YOURSELF. YOU might have to be dis-creet. Oh well, … Grind, Hustle, Persevere… Let YOUR absence be YOUR dis-guise.

And keep living. Barring the criticism, beyond the critique, and beside the critics! Because life is not always going to present you a bouquet. Life might just give you the seeds. More often life will only give you the perception that there is a possibility, just not for you. So you have to make it happen and possible, for yourself. Even if life didn’t give you those seeds, you have to go get them too!
And life (people) will be “dissing”, hating, opposing, challenging, stopping, and preventing you, the entire way. But you don’t have to let it do what they intended, you can flip it on its head whenever you take charge and decide to dis-miss the negativity or the ignorance.
Because any “diss” only matters what it matters to you. And in this life, you are going to be dissed. You are going to be hurt and talked about and opposed. You are going to be tested and put to the fire.
That’s what life is. Especially a FULL life.

And YOU don’t get a dis-count!


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers
– @seethepoet


5 thoughts on “I’ll give you some bargain advice…

  1. mykulmitch

    This post is officially one of my favorites. Life can be turned around based on energy we use to describe the positive over the negative. Thanks for posting, I appreciate this one!



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