You have this way… [POEM]

You have this way
of being
and an effect on me
that seems
to make things okay
that weren’t
before you called
or showed up
or stalled
the everything that I was doing
without you
you have this way
of making things
about you
and leaving me to question
an answer that I’d given
I’d made up my mind
to move on
from where we were
had I not escaped
in time
yet somehow
you find an opening
a crack in my stance,
a flaw in my plan
and then you always show
that you can
that you always have a chance
to still be here
like you were
for all of the things
I once needed you for
like being silly
and support
costing much more
than I could ever afford
but I find a way
to pay for it,
every time
treating your heart
to the life of mine
and being satisfied

You have this way
of interrupting my life
for the better
disheveling my perfect mess
for ever
and for no reason other
than the power to
and I cower to
finding a sense
where there should be silence
I should ignore you,
or hide that
the way you are
is the way I want to be
and you have this way,
of helping me believe.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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