Served. [POEM]

Allegiance and pledge
wedged in between
commitment and service
as such with purpose
blind faith
new and nervous
tests of wills
and skills
beyond extraordinary
but ordinary
thrills of travel
that unravel inhibition
and grant wishes of farewells
and stairwells
that lead to careers
and jeers
and peers unrivaled
modes switched
from such to survival
techniques and tactics
that are acted out
in and on battlefields
and war zones
and back at home
where newscasts mean more
than updates
but sweepstakes
the winner,
who survived the day
to cheat death
and save lives
at the same time
in foreign lands
over and beyond borders
that don’t welcome democracy
as moderated by visitors
or the hypocrisy
that is seen
or seems to be
the premise for invasion
of right
or what is
or the civil liberties
for what gives
sacrifice its validity
malignant gestures that jester
of who is free
or brave
or enslaved
civic duty
is what usually
as a result of capture

those who stand in the boots
firm in manning the responsibility
in response to humility
honor and respects due
to whom much has been
veterans and troops
who prove
that freedom is dependent
he or she
willing to walk through fire
for the sake
of extinguishing threats
and less credible intelligence
for the safety
and significance
and relevance
of an innocent resident
so residue and shrapnel
par for the course
or what happens
in war

the memory
of lives lost
cost overpaid
yet still billed
killed in lines of duty
and roadside
and strike
and for the sake
of belief
that we alike
are for peace
of some idea
that keeps us safe
that prevents us from
having to fear
the terroristic threats
of religions made clear
to blur the faith
of those who believe
that it is better to die
for principal
than to teach
lessons learned hard
that our hope
is breached,
wedged in between
commitment and service

In memory
and mentioning
of Stars and Stripes
striped with the medals
and badges
and welts of war
and more
who we welcome home
to endure
the freedom
they fight
and fought


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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