Intent [POEM]

I meant to love you
meant to want you
more than I was home
or less than I was gone
show it like you desired
or somehow should have known
that I had better intentions
and that I mentioned you
didn’t just distance myself
but that I had intended to
have feelings
and deal with my issues
so that I could
deal with you

I wanted to know better
so that I could help us
make it pass the rough patches
and through what kept us
from keeping promises
to be honest
about what we really wanted
no matter how it daunted
hopes and dreams
of seeing things

I said that I would try
and care
less about myself
and help you to suggest
more ways for me
to relinquish
and selfishness
with intent
on trying
to get this

for the next time.


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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